Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Gexpro Services develops world class on-site inventory management solutions to drive efficiencies in our customers’ business. We tailor each program to meet the unique requirements dictated to us by our customers. No two programs are the same, because no two customers are alike. Customization and adaptation are essential components of every Gexpro Services supply chain solutions offering.

Gexpro Service offers the most advanced VMI technology services, powered by eTurns. Use our phone apps, e-labels, and sensor solutions to digitize POs, reduce costs, and ensure you are always stocked.

Gexpro Services VMI powered by eTurns helps customers improve visibility to assets, tools and their entire inventory.

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Data-driven Vendor Managed Inventory Services

Our VMI program lets us act as an extension of your team, ensuring that you have the right parts in the right place at the right time – but never more items than you need. The purpose of our VMI program is to reduce your spending on inventory, carrying costs, and procurement labor through digitizing and streamlining the PO process.



Point of Use
Forward Stocking Location

Point of Use (POU) steup includes multiple inventory storage stations at or near different parts of the production line.  After the initial floor analysis, POU locations are installed to decrease material transaction time, increase accessibility and convenience, allow reallocation of resources to other critical needs, and lower carrying costs.

Supermarket setup is a central stocking location for inventory commonly used throughout your facility. Typically, supermarkets are set up in commodity and part number order, commodity and size order, or alpha-numerically based on what works best for your work force.

Forward Stocking Locations (FSL) are a staffed extensions of a Gexpro Service sites stocked with dedicated inventory for a specific customer program. FSLs fall under the same part and process quality management platform, ensuring our customers are receiving the same high quality service across your supply chain. FSLs can be established on-site at the production facility or off-site nearby.


Inventory Gap Analysis
Bins & Turns Analysis
Program Report

We can accurately manage inventory gaps and project ‘Go-Live’ date by understanding when current customer on-hand inventory levels will be depleted and factoring in supply chain qualification timeline.

Bins & Turns Analysis is used understand usage of material at specified point-of-use (POU) locations and determine appropriate min/max levels by turning your higher cost items more frequently than lower cost items.

Program reports are used to give our customers complete supply chain visibility to any customers program under Gexpro Services management. The program report provide visibility into on-hand inventory, on-purchase order with material due dates, past due designations, expedite / de-expedite action status depending on material consumption expectations, and over/under material consumption. The report provides real-time data feeds from ERP and high-level dashboard for quick review of risk classifications.


Along with the hard savings, Gexpro Services also offers a lot of soft savings such as lower inventory, buyers not having to place PO’s, less downtime concerns, and most importantly they have EXCELLENT customer service.

Since Gexpro Services took over our VMI program in 2008, we have experienced a class leading level of service for our Aggregate supplier program.  We immediately saw benefit in the reduction of work force, consolidation of supply base, and sustained performance that has managed to provide, support, and execute ideas resulting in additional cost savings.

The day-to-day visibility the VMI enhancements provide our production lines, has been evident. The 2-bin system promotes a seamless process to ensure production lines moving at optimum capacity.

Once the VMI Program kicked off with Gexpro Services, and we realized an immediate reduction with our inventory investment and our inventory turns increased.   Capacity within the buying team was felt due to the decrease in number PO transactions and by Gexpro Services having reserve stocking levels in their facility, we can maneuver through spikes in demand throughout the year.  We value the relationship with Gexpro Services and try to incorporate additional items into the VMI whenever possible.

Gexpro Services initiated the challenging task of transitioning vendors by taking the time to understand our process and specific requirements. They worked with us to customize the floor-stock management for our Assembly operations. As we have evolved, expanded our operations, changed our internal processes, and redesigned our own floor space several times, Gexpro Services has always been ready to assist and ensure in our success.

Before VMI I was receiving about 20 expedite request (sometimes up to 40) per week from the facility MTAs. Now, with VMI, I receive maybe 1 request every 3 weeks.