In the aerospace and defense industry, the supply chain plays a pivotal role for procuring raw materials and delivering finished products. Every step in the supply chain can significantly impact the efficiency, cost, and success each project. Here are some key considerations for managing the supply chain in the aerospace and defense sector.

Complexity and Precision
The aerospace and defense sector is complicated, with thousands of components sourced from various global suppliers, each component has strict quality and safety requirements. Without the right supplier in place, there can be delays, safety risks, and potential project failures.

Innovation and Technological Advancements
Aerospace and defense manufacturers are looking for technological innovations that can help develop new materials and manufacturing techniques. They need adaptive supply chain options to ensure they can evolve with new technology. Suppliers need to be agile to provide customers with a competitive edge.

Global Supply Chain Risks
With global suppliers, there can be risk with trade restrictions, natural disasters, and political tensions in certain regions. These risks can lead to the disruption of components and materials which can lead to increased costs for products and delays in project timelines.

Regulatory Compliance and Standards
The aerospace and defense sector is heavily regulated, with international compliance requirements such as ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), AS9100 (an aerospace standard quality management system) and DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Requirements Supplement) regulations including DFARS 252.255-7009, which imposes restrictions on the acquisition of certain articles containing specialty metals when under contract with the Department of Defense. Suppliers for this industry must adhere to these restrictions and standards to ensure that their products are acceptable for use aerospace or defense applications.

From ensuring the quality of components to managing compliance, the aerospace and defense supply chain is vital to the sector. As technology and advancements continue to evolve in the industry, the supply chain importance will only grow, to reduce costs, drive innovation and maintain safety. Gexpro Services supports the aerospace and defense sectors with customized kitting solutions, vendor managed inventory programs, and a globally sourced network of suppliers. Our products are in compliance with both ITAR and DFARS defense compliance regulations. Talk to our team today about specialized solutions for your business.